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To conduct the fourth review of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA), and its regulation O. Reg 191/11 (Integrated Accessibility Standards), in accordance with the requirements set out in the legislation.

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Our Mission

In connection with the legislative requirement to undertake a comprehensive review of the effectiveness of the Act and its regulations, the Reviewer shall release a final report by June 2023.

The experience of people with disabilities in Ontario shall be the focus of the Fourth Review of the AODA. 

We know the experiences of many people with disabilities are poor. In Ontario and globally. Otherwise, there would not be a need for laws and regulations like the AODA.

The cause of these poor experiences is poor design. In service. In products. In technology. In buildings. In infrastructure. In careers. In process. In human imagination of what people demand in their experiences.

What is needed is a set of mechanisms, to cause our institutions to change their behaviour. To improve design of experiences to delight people with disabilities in ways that grow Ontario’s economy and global competitiveness.

 Behaviour change of businesses, not-for-profits and public sector entities must be a key outcome from the Government of Ontario as it evolves the AODA.

Continuous Improvement

Embedded in the AODA is the requirement to review the law and its regulations. This provides an opportunity to make the AODA responsive to observed results and emerging knowledge.

Measure Effectiveness

Is Ontario going to be “accessible” by 2025? Where are the biggest gaps?

Adjust to Change

We have learned a lot since 2005. Are we applying those learnings?

Declare Breakdowns

To fix things that are broken, they first must be declared as broken.

About Rich

Rich Donovan is an entrepreneur and is a globally recognized subject matter expert on the convergence of disability, user delight, and experience design. He has spent more than 17 years focused on defining and unlocking the economic value of the disability market.

In February 2022, by Order in Council, the Government of Ontario appointed Rich to review the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). He has been named one of the Top 50 Most Influential People with Disabilities in the world by UK-based Powerful Media and Shaw Trust in October 2016.

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Rich provides corporate and public sector clients with insights and design adjustments to act on disability as a global emerging market. By applying proven market research and design techniques to the demands of people with disabilities, Rich brings process and a scientific approach to help organizations respond thoughtfully and sustainably to demand.

Rich has a combined 25 years of experience in portfolio and investment risk management. As a Proprietary Trader and Portfolio Manager at Merrill Lynch, Rich delivered consistent performance results focused on macro strategies with an event-driven overlay, using equity indices as a primary tool.

Rich holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BBA from Schulich School of Business at York University. Rich is an avid sailor and proud father of his son, Maverick, along with his wife, Jenn. He is person with disabilities.

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Help Us Understand
Your Experiences

To understand, we must listen. Engage with us. Tell us how you experience disability in Ontario.

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Terms of Reference

The AODA requires regular reviews to be conducted and includes specific requirements on timing, consultation and other considerations. The Act requires that the review will be conducted by a person appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council after consultation with the Minister; The Reviewer will consult with the public and, in particular, with persons with disabilities; and, a review will take place every three years.

The Scope of the Review include the following considerations:

01 Effectiveness and Evolution of the AODA

What is success for the AODA? |  What data exists to measure the success of the AODA and whether the Act is achieving its purpose? | What changes could be made to improve its success?

02 Building Awareness and Community Support

How can information and communication techniques be used to build understanding of the AODA overall and its post-2025 role of preventing and removing barriers to accessibility in Ontario?

03 Compliance, Enforcement and Incentives

Leveraging behavioural science, how can information, clear planning, compliance measures, and/or incentives contribute to building accessibility in Ontario?

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